Why you shouldn’t talk about yourself in your CV!

Does your resume or CV have a summary profile at the top which gives an overview of your most current and recent experience and skills?

Many job seekers are failing to include a career profile in their resume.

It is strongly recommended to include one.

Job seekers who do include profiles tend to use ones that are focused on their own priorities and needs, i.e. this kind of profile usually sounds like, “Seeking rewarding role with large employer that will offer opportunities for training, development and travel”.

This is an example of a self-centred profile. Considering the profile is the very first impression an employer gets of you, it might not be a good look.

Imagine you are the recruiter or hiring manager: What do you want to know about the job seeker?

You would probably want to know what job-relevant experience and skills the job seeker has.

A profile like the following one is likely to get you a lot further – especially if it covers issues and requirements mentioned in the job ad or job description.

  • Experienced customer service officer with more than 12 years’ experience in the education and food service sectors | Demonstrated proficiency in using Microsoft Office applications | Ability to resolve customer problems