What should a school leaver resume include?

School leavers often have a surprising large amount of material to include in their first resume.

Experience in team sports, training placements, hobbies and courses can all be included.

For example, imagine you’re applying for an airline customer service role. A key skill in roles like this is working well with others. If you can show that you’ve participated in team-based activities and sports outside of school, this can make you look like a great candidate.


Content and formatting

If you’re still in high school or recently graduated from Year 12, it’s important to get a good head start by using Australian content and formatting. The key recommendation here is to use caution when selecting a good template. Job search websites provide free sample resumes and CVs – however – some templates provided by these sites can be difficult to edit.


What to include

Here are some important inclusions in your school leaver resume or CV:

  • Just your name, suburb and city – but not your private home address or date of birth
  • State clearly that you have rights to work in Australia
  • State clearly that you have a driver’s licence – if that’s the case!
  • Give details of your most recently completed educational qualification, e.g. HSC, Year 12, etc.
  • Employment history – list casual and voluntary jobs, etc.
  • List the languages you’re proficient in (written/spoken)
  • List experience with software apps and devices
  • Provide details of training completed (e.g. first aid)


Need help with your resume?

Please contact me – Peter – here at Contentify.