What is the best resume template for Australia?

It's understandable that many people - including job seekers - believe that resumes need to be boldly colourful and use fancy formatting.
Australian resumes and job seekers
The resume template for Australia as recommended and used by Contentify is based heavily on this one (pictured).
Best resume template for Australia - as used by Contentify Resumes

Advantages of this template and format:

The template:

  • is highly similar to the template recommended by Seek.com.au.
  • doesn’t use heavy formatting and tables
  • doesn’t use multiple colours
  • uses a font widely available on different platforms and devices
  • can easily be expanded to two or three pages

The free resume template provided on the Seek website uses the ‘Styles’ function of Microsoft Word. You may find that experience in using Styles will be useful.

Should your resume use bold colours and heavy formatting?

Probably not.

Many people believe that resumes have to be boldly colourful and highly formatted to stand out from other candidates and applications.

While fancy fonts and graphical elements may help your resume stand out, it’s the way go about it that could see your application go to the bottom pile or rejected instantly!

Using colour

If you must use colour, it can be OK to use an accent colour for your name and surname at the top of the resume. Leave it at that.

When would you use a ‘fancy resume’?

If you’re applying for a job in the creative arts field, for example, you may want to use a more salesy approach for your resume. This could take the format of a colourful resume – or it could even be a website.

For a client who was seeking promotion to a gym manager role, we used sporty colours and elements in his resume to convey a feeling of dynamism and energy.

What most job seekers need

Most Australian job seekers don’t need fancy resumes: The consensus among recruiters is that:

  • Most job seekers just need to a plain-format resume that will
    readily and accurately scan in an applicant tracking (ATS) and resume
    parsing systems;
  • Resumes should address the prerequisites of advertised jobs in order to be potentially shortlisted.
  • Tailor your job application (e.g., resume and cover letter) to the advertised role. Have a look at this Australian Government publication on tailoring your application (document opens in new window).
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Whether you need a plain-format or richly-formatted resume, please get in touch.
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SEEK has published details of a recommended resume format for Australia.
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