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Do you need a professional-looking and sounding website for your business?

Consider Contentify’s WordPress Website Design Service.

Contentify (based in Perth, Western Australia) works with the WordPress, Wix and Squarespace platforms.

This page is about WordPress website design.

Contentify commenced in Perth in 2014. With strong knowledge of Perth and ways of doing things locally, I look forward to helping you market your business.

Clients approach Contentify because they:

  1. trust their instructions and needs will be understood;
  2. have confidence they will get the website that they need and want.

Peter – Owner at Contentify (click here for contact page).

Top reasons for choosing WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used website builder in the world.

There are two versions of WordPress:

  1. WordPress.com (fully hosted); and
  2. WordPress.org (‘self-hosted WordPress’).

Note: Most Australian businesses websites use the second version, i.e., WordPress.org.


This version gives you a website that’s hosted by WordPress. You don’t need to buy website hosting separately.

There are free and paid plans.

Free Plan: Create a free website (forever!) with a domain like this one:

  • martyscupcakes.wordpress.com (or similar)

Paid version: Upgrade to use your own domain name, i.e.:

  • martyscupcakes.com (example only)

Visit WordPress.com to find out more.

Request a quote on having a website made using WordPress.com: Click here for Contact page.

Contentify mostly creates for Aussies using fully-hosted WordPress.


Probably the most widely-used website building platform.

This is the self-hosted version of WordPress – meaning that you need to buy web hosting to have this kind of WordPress website.

Contentify recommends Australian-based server hosting for faster website page load and response times. Web hosting pricing starts at around $10 per month in Australia.

There’s a learning curve to using WordPress to create a website. Most website owners just hire a designer to do it for them.

WordPress plugins add functionality

WordPress offers thousands of free and paid plugins (they’re like apps) that add functionality to a website. Whether you need e-commerce tools, an appointment system, social media integrations, they can expand your site’s capabilities.

Contentify can guide you on choosing plugins.

Your site must be responsive!

A website that is mobile-friendly or responsive is not a special request. It’s standard with websites made by Contentify. Search engines prioritise websites that display correctly on different devices, e.g., mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Website design examples

Custom website design

Contentify custom-designs websites to accommodate owner preferences and/or the likely audience preferences.

Preferences include ‘look and feel’ aspects of the appearance of a website, such as:

  • Light and airy feel – i.e., lots of white space, one or two stand out accent colours
  • Dark and elegant feel – e.g., black background with neon accents

Prebuilt website designs

Browse and be inspired by prebuilt websites for all kinds of needs:

  • Service businesses
  • Ecommerce and online stores
  • Consulting agencies
  • Portfolio websites
  • Personal blogs
  • Creative agencies

Browse prebuilt websites:

Contentify website portfolio

Browse websites made by Contentify – examples include (click links to view sites in a new window):

WordPress Website Design Offer

This offer is perfect for content creators, small businesses, and professional bloggers on a budget – but want a website up and running quickly.


We recommend you arrange the following before you start:

  • Register your business name
  • Register your domain name
  • Create your logo and determine your brand
  • Purchase web hosting


Fixed price with pre-set features: $495 (web hosting is not included).

Key features (conditions apply):

  • Native English speaker reads and understands your needs and preferences
  • Website is created by Contentify (based in Perth, Western Australia)
  • 3-page website showcasing your brand, problems you solve, and services
  • Quick delivery in 5 business days or less

How it works

Conditions available on request.

  1. Submit your business information
  2. Selection of design, fonts, colours, etc.
  3. Make payment as invoiced
  4. Submit content for your website – or we create it for you
  5. Review the website and request edits within 5 days
  6. Website ownership transferred to you with login and password, etc.

Next steps

If you’d like more information, please reach out!

Kind regards,
Peter – Owner at Contentify

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