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Do you need a professional looking and sounding website for your business?

Contentify creates websites on the WordPress, Wix and Squarespace platforms.

Below we explain a bit about our Wix website services.

Top reasons for choosing Wix

You can actually create your website yourself for free using Wix’s free and user-friendly website building platform.

Wix has great tools to help design and write content for your site.

User-friendly and intuitive

Wix allows you to edit your website yourself.

There’s no need to write any code.

Just use the drag and drop editor to place items where you want them.

The Wix Editor offers a user-friendly experience for those who prefer simplicity.

Contentify uses Wix’s Studio Editor for more advanced editing and functions.

Wix was smart even before AI!

Wix’s AI Website Builder allows you to create a website from scratch in just a few minutes. 

Website design examples

No matter what industry you’re in, Wix has a big range of website styles and designs:

  • Online stores
  • Consulting agencies
  • Portfolio websites
  • Personal blogs
  • Creative agencies

See Wix’s range of website designs that you can choose from or be inspired by: https://manage.wix.com/account/explore/inspiring-websites

Apps to make your site special

Wix’s App Market offers apps and integrations that can enhance the functionality of your website. Whether you need e-commerce tools, an appointment system, social media integrations, apps can expand your site’s capabilities.

Wix’s business tools such as Wix Stores and Wix Restaurants can help you build your brand, collect leads, analyse website traffic, engage with customers, and more.

You can accept payments on your site using Wix Payments.

Advanced SEO tools

Contentify can help boost your site’s SEO by using Wix tools that make sites more easily discoverable through search engines, including structured data, automatic XML sitemaps, URL customisation, robots meta tags, and more.

Wix makes your website ‘responsive’

Using Wix, Contentify can make your website mobile-friendly. This is good because search engines prioritise mobile-responsive websites in their algorithms.

Reliable hosting and security

Wix is trusted by many for its stable hosting environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure. These ensure fast website loading times, seamless browsing, and consistent availability. Such reliability gives visitors a positive experience on your site.

Wix places a high priority on the security of your website and the protection of user data. The platform implements advanced security measures, including SSL certification, and more.

Wix is free

If you want to design and run a website completely for free on Wix – you can. The free plan allows you to use a Wix domain such as smithiescleaning.[Wix-provided-domain].com. On the free plan – your website will display Wix advertising and messaging.

Paid Wix plans offer a lot!

If you upgrade to a paid Wix plan, you can connect your own domain, remove Wix ads, accept online payments, and other features allocated in your selected Wix plan.

How can Contentify help you with Wix?

Contentify builds serious websites on serious domains and Wix paid plans. If you hire us to help you, we’ll send you the steps to follow – example:

  • Sign up for Wix paid plan
  • Add Contentify as a collaborator
  • Prepare content as per Contentify guidance notes, etc.

The fee you pay to Contentify to use your Wix account to create your website is separate and in addition to payments you need to make to Wix.

Contentify can help you build a website provided there’s at least 6 months’ to run on your paid plan with Wix.

Contact Peter at Contentify to find out more about website features and payment options.

Recommended Sections to Include on Your Homepage

Strike a balance between informative content and persuasive elements in order to motivate site visitors to contact you.

1. Hero Section: A clear and concise headline that describes the service you provide.

2. Services Overview: List your core services including key benefits of each.

3. Portfolio/Case Studies: Showcase examples of your previous work for genuine clients.

4. Testimonials: Client reviews that help establish your expertise.

5. FAQs: Address common questions people have about having a website made – the process, timeline, etc.

6. Call-to-Action: e.g., “Get a Quote” or “Contact Us” buttons

7. Company Information: Include your ABN, awards/recognition, and company history.

8. Footer: Contact information, social media links, and menu.

What is Contentify's fee to create a Wix website?

  • As a guide: From $495 for a superb Wix-based website.
  • You can ask us for a quote via our Contact page.

How long does it take to create a Wix-based website?

  • It will take at least 5 days to create a Wix-based website.
  • More details: Contact Peter via the Contact page.

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