Three Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

1. List useful contact information

I don’t recommend including your private home address – even though many job seekers are still including this private information. Prospective employers and recruiters will contact you via email or on your mobile.

Provided you have their permission, include just the mobile number for referees.

2. Keep your resume or CV profile objective and brief

Including one of those statements like “I’d like to find a rewarding job with a major international company where my skills will be well utilised…” is just not done any more. They all sound the same because job seekers are copying stuff from the internet or other CVs.

I recommend you use a highly compact and concise statement of up to four or five lines. This is your ‘elevator pitch’. In other words, in the time it takes to travel ten floors, how would you describe to an employer your key, relevant skills – and what you’re currently and have recently been working on?

The more precise and objective your profile, the more capable you look. No lie.

3. Focus on accomplishments not job descriptions

Describe your current and past roles with one line statements – please don’t go to three or four lines as I have seen in the past.

For each of your current and immediate last roles, list YOUR key achievements and key responsibilities. I say “YOUR” because many job applicants talk about “we did this…” and “we did that…”. This is OK but make sure it is clear what your specific contribution to a joint or team effort was.