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Helping job seekers all around Australia.

From Perth – right across Australia – to Sydney, Melbourne, etc., Contentify provides online access to professional help with job applications. From writing and improving cover letters and resumes, to writing responses to government job selection criteria.


Surprisingly, cover letters are still read by recruiters. If you don’t include a cover letter with your job application, you may find you’re not being called back. We can help you write a quality cover letter.


Many job seekers rely on their own knowledge to prepare job applications and resumes. Make sure the resume you submit meets the expectations of Australian employers and recruitment agencies! You can request a free review of your resume on this site.


Writing responses to selection criteria is quite an art. On the one hand, you need to shine in terms of your ability to meet the criteria – but you often have to do it within a page or word limit. If you need help to write more concisely – we can help!