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10 Resume Writing Tips that will Make You Stand Out

Your resume or CV is like a sales brochure about You.

As a self-marketing tool, your resume should use well-developed content and design to pitch your skills for a role. Employers and recruiters spend as little as 30 seconds looking at a resume the first time: To make a good first impression, highlight skills, experience and knowledge that are relevant to the available or advertised job. 

1. Tailor to the role!

Ok – it can be quite a bit of work – but tailoring your resume for each job application helps you market yourself for the specific available role.

2. Use a career summary

A 2-or 3-sentence summary nicely describes your most relevant experience, knowledge and skills – for the benefit and convenience of the reader!

3. Use reverse chrono order

List jobs held and qualifications completed in reverse chronological order, i.e., most recent first.

4. Don't write in 'first person'

Instead of “I wrote presentations…”, write “Created persuasive presentations”, etc.

5. Be brief!

Avoid long-winded career summaries or descriptions of responsibilities (the latter should not exceed 2 lines)

6. Use specifics

Use the X by Y by Z formula. Google describes this as: “Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z].” Use metrics to illustrate results.

7. List soft skills

Soft skills include attributes such as adaptability, creativity and empathy.

8. Use keywords

Refer to job- or sector-relevant names, systems, processes and standards.

9. Pay attention to detail

Get spelling and formatting right; use consistent spelling for words, names and brands; be consistent with headings, bullets, spacings, etc.

10. Design can help

Avoid adding graphics and images; use black font on white page; you can use a colour for your name and headings if you prefer.

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