Problem Solving Skills – Selection Criteria

An explanation and examples of how to answer selection criteria such as 'Problem Solving Skills' in government job applications.
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 Note: The information in this post may be of use if you’re applying for either a government or non-government job.

Problem solving skills are the skills you use in solving a problem.

  • Active listening
  • Analytical
  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Consultation
  • Decision making
  • Team-building


How to demonstrate that you possess PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS

Begin your answer with an introductory one-liner such as:

My current role involves regularly solving problems such as late submission of documents by employees or customers. Problems include the pressure to meet and sometimes failure to meet payroll production cut off dates.

Sample 1.

In my role of administration officer at Company XYZ in June 2021, I noticed and addressed the problem of a sharp drop in company sales. I reviewed the online purchasing process our customers had to follow to buy from us. I asked customers to provide feedback and consulted colleagues about the problem. Through trial and error, including making actual purchases online via our website, I found that some items could not be added to the online cart. I discussed the problem with our marketing staff and the problem was solved within 2 days – sales volume returned to normal levels.

Sample 2.

In my role of administration officer at Company XYZ in August 2021, I had to resolve a problem with an upset customer. The customer claimed that a service they had contracted my employer for was not up to standard and they wanted a refund of subscription fees. I consulted my colleagues and also with the customer’s employees – end users of the service. I asked users a number of questions and tested their claims. It became clear that a number of misunderstandings about the proper use of the service had arisen. I discussed the matter again with the customer and they agreed with my findings. The problem was quickly resolved and the customer decided to continue to use the service.

Selection criteria definitions

Sometimes, it’s useful to get inspiration for your answer by searching Google or checking sites such as Indeed and Seek.

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