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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job


Before writing your cover letter, think about what kind of candidate is desired for the job – and consider what kind of letter the employer might prefer. Read the ad several times and understand what the employer is looking for and how they want applicants to apply.

Read on and learn how to write a tailored and targeted letter that helps employers know why you’re a good fit for a role.

Note: Don’t attach a cover letter if the job ad says not to. But in most cases, a cover letter is expected or preferred.

Content of the Letter

Date the letter in Australian style: 5 May 2024 – not 5/5/24, etc.)

Address the letter to the employer or recruitment agency. Follow instructions in the ad about how to address the letter.

For the subject heading, use the exact title, location and reference number given in the ad. Bold the subject heading.

Say that you’re writing to apply for the specific job and indicate where and when you saw it advertised.

The first paragraph should address why you believe you’d be a good fit for the job. Explain where you currently work and what your role is – and how you believe you can bring value to the advertised job and employer.

The second paragraph should specifically address each of the job requirements bullet points. Copy the bullet points from the ad and paste into your letter. Give a one- or two-line response to each point. Your responses need to show that you have relevant experience, knowledge, skills, etc.

Conclude with saying that you welcome contact and that you’re available to attend an interview, etc.

Format of the Cover Letter

Use Aptos, Calibri or Arial 11 or 12pt font. Don’t use 9pt font to squeeze content into a single page.

For most roles, a single page cover letter will be sufficient.

Spelling and grammar: Set your document to Australian English so that you don’t mistakenly spell organisation with a ‘z’, etc.

You can create the letter in A4 page size using Microsoft Word, Pages for Mac, or Google Docs.

Convert it to PDF format so that the layout remains similar to your original.

Sample Cover Letter

See above – copy the section above about the content of the letter and paste it (use Paste > Text Only) to your document. Edit the contents for your particular situation.

Here’s an example of a recommended cover letter best used in Australia.

Cover Letter Example from Contentify

Download a Cover Letter Template at SEEK

Australian Job portal SEEK provides a cover letter template right here:

Note: Contentify doesn’t necessarily endorse or approve of the template. Please be guided by our sample cover letter above.

Technician with clipboard looking at camera with factory in background

Need Help with Your Cover Letter?

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