How to Prepare for a Job Interview

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Here are some ideas to help you prepare for job interviews.

1. Prepare your elevator pitch!

Before the interview, practice out loud your 30-second ‘elevator pitch’*.

Your pitch should summarise your career history including current or most recent job.

If it seems appropriate, add some personal details (e.g. ages of your children) – a good ‘ice breaker’!

*  Why is it called an elevator pitch? The pitch should be concise and captivating – so much so that you could repeat it during the time it takes to take the elevator to the interview!

2. Introduce yourself to the interviewer/s

Give your interviewers a firm handshake when you first meet them. Repeat names to help you remember them during and after the interview. You can also ask what position interviewers hold at the firm – this can reflect well on your people skills.

3. Know your CV!

Whether you write your own CV or have someone prepare it for you, it’s important that you know what’s in it!

You could be asked to clarify claims or details in it! Be ready to go into detail about past roles and projects you’ve been involved with.

4. Anticipate these questions!

Prepare for and be ready to answer the following questions often asked in interviews:

– Tell us about a situation in which you demonstrated leadership
– Tell us the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do
– Tell us about your most proud achievement
– Name three strengths and three weaknesses

5. Ask about the company

It’s almost a given that you will be asked at interview: “Do you have any questions for us?”.

Be prepared to ask intelligent questions based on the interview questions and your pre-interview research about the organisation, e.g. you can ask about the scope of the role you are interviewing for – this reflects on your eagerness to win the job.

6. Follow up with a ‘thank you’ email

After the interview, send an email thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to attend.


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