How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile

Are you writing a new or enhancing an existing LinkedIn profile?

This post covers a number of tips designed to help you create the best possible profile. After all – the idea is to impress prospective employers.

1. Use a professional headline

Use a headline that includes keywords related to the jobs you’re targeting. It should hint at the work you do and the career you want. Stick to two lines of text.

2. Use a search-able name

If your official name is one thing, but in practice you go by another name at work, use your nickname! Include it in brackets after your professional name.

3. Broaden your location

Live in Mandurah but prepared to travel to Perth? Based in Manly, but quite happy to commute to the Sydney CBD? Saying so could help you get the call!

4. Are you awesome?

Is there something awesome about you?!

Compare yourself to other workers with similar responsibilities to you at work. Could they claim to have travelled to Tibet, or that they can speak Indonesian?

Then, an oldie but a goodie… express your achievements with specific outcomes, e.g. “Improved sales by 10% within 6 months of joining the team”. Take care not to list over-used buzzwords though 🙂

5. Thoughtfully list your top skills

Make sure the content and sequence of your top skills truly reflects how you want to be seen and perceived. Put the highest-order, most important and prized skills first.

6. Ask colleagues for recommendations

Ask colleagues for genuine recommendations – based on real projects you worked on together. Special anecdotes can set your profile apart from others.