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How to Address Selection Criteria

This post provides tips on how you can address selection criteria.

Even if you’re asked to write a two-page pitch, the following information will be helpful.

Where are the Selection Criteria?

You will find the selection criteria that you need to address in the job ad or the role description.

Read the job ad carefully to make sure you address the correct items and in the correct way.

Addressing the Criteria

Before you start writing: Imagine yourself already at the interview; how will you explain to the interviews how you’ve handled relevant situations in the past?

For example, in testing your skills in relation to the criterion, “Provides excellent customer service even with demanding and difficult customers”, an interview panel might ask you “What experience do you have in providing excellent customer service with demanding and difficult customers?”

In both the interview and written response – you could describe a situation at work where you were involved in dealing with customers who were unhappy with product or service delays, unavailability or other factors. You could then explain what you did to address the issues and what steps you took to prevent a repeat of similar circumstances.

Note: Don’t disclose confidential matters or internal procedures, or the identities of individuals associated with the situation in your example.

Keep your responses professional: Focus on what you personally did in relation to a given challenge, project or task. How you were constructive, collaborative and cooperative, for example.

If a page or word limit is not specified in the job ad., a good guide is to write about half of an A4 page for each selection criterion.

What is the STAR Method?

STAR just stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. It’s a tool used to explain past challenges, projects and tasks. Can be applied in responses to written or interview questions.

Example: Demonstrated Responsive Customer Service Skills

Situation (S)

In my role at XYZ pet shop in May 2024, I assisted a man who came in looking to adopt a cat. He had recently lost a beloved cat to old age. He wanted a cat that was affectionate and cuddly, but also energetic and playful. As my supervisor was not available, it was my job to help the customer.

Task (T)

I talked to the customer to get insights about his lifestyle and preferences – and introduced him to cats that would be a good match.

Action (A)

I helped the customer and when he chose a young tuxedo cat – I assisted with questions about the adoption process and necessary paperwork.

Result (R)

The customer successfully adopted Sox and they have been living happily together since.

Man in modern glass office explaining project

Need Help with Selection Criteria?

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