How to Address Selection Criteria – Communication Skills

Do you need help with addressing selection criteria relating to communication skills?

An Australian Government website provides the following example of how to address communication skills criterion:

Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively

My ability to communicate effectively with people was demonstrated in my position as receptionist with the XYZ community organisation. I dealt with members of the general public, officers from the local council, government departments, and representatives from private businesses on a daily basis.

I communicated with these people face to face, over the phone and through email. I was the first point of contact for the organisation which meant it was very important that I was professional, courteous and helpful in my interactions. In recognition of my positive interpersonal skills my temporary position was extended for nine months beyond my initial contract.

Contentify recommends you go a step further.

You really need to demonstrate that you have the particular skills, experience or knowledge etc. required.

And the paragraph above doesn’t quite cut it.

For example, consider bolstering your statement by adding:

“In one situation, a client presented at reception with a complaint about being unable to access information on the organisation’s website. I navigated to the relevant web page, showed the client where the information was, and handed them a print out. The client left the office most pleased that I had been able to communicate the information they needed.”

This describes a situation where you actually used the skills that you’re claiming to have.

In addressing the selection criteria, it’s not enough to simply write “I possess excellent communication skills” – you must give good examples.