How Much Do Resume Maker Apps Cost?

Wondering how much resume maker apps cost to use?

Many online resume maker apps seem to hide their pricing.

You can spend some serious time trying to pin down pricing.

The apps get you to select a lovely template and fill-in details to go into your resume.

Annoyingly, when you then go to download the resume in a format you can edit yourself, you find that you must sign up for a plan or pay a fee.

Our Take: If you find an online resume maker to be convenient and helpful – then by all means use it!

But apps that hide their price may feel a bit too scammy for some.

Example Costs

We found online pricing for services provided by Resume Genius (

The templates are attractive even though not necessarily appropriate for Australia.

(Disclaimer: The details below could be incorrect or out of date – please satisfy yourself in all respects; also note: Pricing below is listed in US dollars – so in Australian dollars the amounts are higher):

– 14-day Full Access: $2.95
– Monthly Access: $7.95
– Annual Plan: $95.40 (more than $140 Australian dollars)

Caution: If you don’t cancel your initial selected plan, it may auto-renew at the then going rate.

Further Information

If you need help to edit your resume on an online resume making platform, please reach out to Peter at Contentify. Click here for my contact page.

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