Future-Proof Yourself With These Skills

There’s so much talk about robots and automation replacing us at work.

A bunch of questions arise, i.e.:

  • What should kids be studying now at school?
  • Should I go back to uni.?
  • What skills should I be picking up now?

So many questions, so little time!

According to some experts, the robots are on the way and that many in well paid, comfortable jobs will be among the victims.

Here are four key skills that might future-proof you:

  1. Curiosity: Curious people tend to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things; they’re willing to open up and learn new things… curious people – for example – might already be studying robotics! I’m not saying you should rush off and enrol in robotics! But find out more about the world, how business is done, and how value is created;
  2. Empathy: Empathy with others, and the ability build relationships with colleagues, managers and customers will be key; empathetic people will understand the needs of others – and be able to spot opportunities no one else saw coming;
  3. Adaptability: Those aged 15 now will be entering the workforce in 2023! Just think about that for a moment! Can you even imagine what 2023 will be like – how much further past finger print id. payments will we have progressed? If you are prepared to adapt to new roles, disciplines and ways of working, then you are likely to be better placed than many to remain employed – or have value to offer; and
  4. Creativity: So far, computers and robots haven’t shown too much ability in the area of creativity (Ok, some of you might disagree). But true creativity, the ability to develop new designs, products and services will be important in the age of automation.


I encourage clients (whether individuals or businesses) to record and be able to tell stories about projects they’ve completed. These (genuine) stories can then be told in job applications and business marketing as evidence of curiosity, empathy, adaptability and creativity!

The stories need to describe the nature of the challenge or problem, explain the work done and steps taken (and why), and the results or outcomes.

If you need help with a job application, writing copy about your business, or perhaps preparing a company profile, please contact me for initial advice and a quote.