Five Key Skills Employers Seek in 2021


A post on SEEK’s website ( says employers are looking for five key skills post-COVID. The claim is based on a survey of 4800 Australians published in November 2020.

Here are the 5 key skills with supporting notes.


  • Resilience is the number one skill currently in demand
  • Resilience is the strength to carry on at work regardless of setbacks and challenges, e.g., handling and adapting to changes brought about by the COVID pandemic – lockdowns and reduced face-to-face contact, etc.
  • Demonstrate resilience by keeping your emotions and reactions to tough situations in check
  • Adapt to changing and developing situations. Help others to adapt. Do some thinking and anticipating.

Confidence in using technology

  • Being technologically literate has been important for many years, but many organisations suddenly had to implement new technologies during the pandemic
  • Employees and consultants who can quickly pivot and deliver advice and services based on their training, experience, qualifications and knowledge will naturally be in demand
  • Tools and apps that come to mind: Teleconferencing, collaboration, file sharing, remote learning, etc.
  • It’s time to get familiar with technology. It is evolving quickly and some apps are taking a back seat while new apps are becoming more popular.
  • Be prepared to use the latest tech so that you and your employer can be ready to use new tech. If you’re job hunting, be ready to explain to management or recruiters how you’ve used technologies to adapt in rapidly changing settings.


  • Demonstrate your agility by quickly and readily adapting to changing circumstances


  • Hiring managers are looking for employees who are proactive and have taken initiative in learning new skills or seeking out new opportunities
  • Many Australians have learned new skills in 2020 that they wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

Emotional intelligence

  • Understand, manage and express your emotions
  • Employees need to be able to respond appropriately to the emotions of others
  • Be self aware and open to connecting with others
  • In an interview you can explain how you’ve taken the time to listen to the concerns of others.
  • Discuss workplace challenges you’ve faced, what you’ve learnt from them and how you handled them
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