Cover Letter Writing Service

Cover Letter Writing Service

Do you want your application to STAND OUT?

Of course you do! But ‘standing out’ doesn’t necessarily involve fancy formatting and colourful cover letter designs.

You can impress employers simply by concisely addressing the job requirements they’ve listed in the job advertisement.


1. Understand and follow the application instructions

A first step in standing out from other candidates: Always carefully read the job application instructions in the job post. If the employer only wants a one-page cover letter, then that’s what you should submit! Begin the cover letter by referring to the specific job you’re applying for.

Mention that your resume is attached or supplied.

2. Give a one paragraph introduction

Say what position you currently hold, or what position you recently held. Immediately say how your most relevant and recent experience relates to the advertised role.

3. Address the prerequisites

If the job post includes a list of candidate requirements, address those points or bullet points, ONE BY ONE, in the same sequence as listed in the post.

4. Conclude without waffling

Just mention your availability to attend an interview or participate in a discussion about the vacancy.


Note: Public service or government job application processes may have different requirements – in some cases, a cover letter similar to that described above is OK. However, in most cases, government positions require you to address ‘selection criteria’.

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