Canberra Job Seeker Orders Selection Criteria Service

My client needed help with writing responses to a series of questions they were required to address as part of a job application.

The service included reviewing the job advertisement and job description, and reviewing, editing and enhancing draft responses.

Contentify prepares documents in Australian English for job seekers.

The SAR technique is used in addressing questions: SAR stands for Situation, Action and Results. Read below to find out more about SAR.

If you need help with writing similar kinds of responses, please get in touch. But if you want to write your own document, here’s what I recommend you do.

To respond to selection criteria or pre-set questions supplied by the employer, start with a one or two-line relevant introduction claiming you possess the relevant skills or experience. If the criterion or question is about experience, give the total number of accumulated years of experience together with the nature, variety and type of experience.

Now for your specific and concrete example – this makes your claim to an advertised role more real. This is where SAR comes in.

S – Situation: Describe a specific situation at work where you faced a challenge problem where you demonstrated initiative, experience or skills to overcome. Describe a situation that is in the past but still reasonably recent (say up to 6 or 12 months)

A – Action: Describe the actions you took in approaching, overcoming or handling the situation. Ideally, focus on your personal contributions – if you were part of a team that took the actions, discuss how you personally contributed to the team’s efforts.

R – Results: Describe what happened following your actions and how the situation was resolved. Focus on results that have already occurred – not results that you’re expecting or hoping for. It’s also appropriate to discuss what you learned from the exercise, but keep this brief.